Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are thicker, fuller lashes compared to the Classic lash extensions which are a 1-to-1 lash ratio that we currently have been offering. Volume lashes allow a client to have more lash extensions per each natural lash. The Lash Specialist is able to apply 2-7 super fine extensions to each individual natural eyelash SAFELY– creating a soft, full, voluminous look that can last 4-5 weeks or more!

Prices may vary depending on the number of lashes applied.

2 wk refill (2D-3D) $95
2 wk refill (4D-5D) $130
3 wk refill (4D-5D) $165

3 wk refill (2D-3D) $120
3 wk refill (4D-5D) $165
3 wk refill (6D-7D) $210

4 wk refill (2D-3D) $145
4 wk refill (4D-5D) $200
4 wk refill (6D-7D) $255

Inquire about available packages for savings on services and products. Please ask us for more information.


Q: Is this method safe/healthy for my natural lashes?

A: Yes. The eyelash extensions used for the volume technique are much thinner in diameter.  The Lash Specialist will calculate how many small diameter lashes your own natural lashes can safely hold.

Q: Does this process cost more?

A: Yes. This process takes longer to apply because of the doubling, tripling, etc the amount of lash extensions. This is a very meticulous process when done correctly.  The great thing is clients will be able to extend their refills from 2-3 weeks with Classic extensions to that of 3-4 weeks with Volume extensions. A full Volume set can take anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on the amount of volume added. Refills take approximately 15min to 1.5 hours longer than a classic refill depending on what look the client would like to achieve.

 Q: Am I a candidate for Volume?

A: Most people will be able to get at least 2D volume effect (double the amount of lashes) while some with stronger lashes will be able to get up to 5/6D. Consult with the Lash Specialist.

Q: Can I try the Volume Lashes with my current eyelash extensions?

A: Yes. Even though it is better to start off fresh with a new set, your lash stylist can refill you with the volume technique.