“Nearly four years ago I would have never realized the need for eyelash extensions, till I saw a friend with them. After being recommend with Camille I figured I would give it a go. When first meeting Camille I sensed an overall feel of a kind heart, and extraordinary professionalism. Throughout the years of Camille doing my eyelashes she has been nothing shy of proving the above to be true. Camille is always actively looking to expand her knowledge of lash procedures. A side from Camille being totally great, the compliments I receive for my lashes, and not having to deal with mascara has been life changing. For almost four years I have been getting my lashes done, and I do not see myself stopping anytime soon!” -Megan O.

“Wow! I have been a client for 2+ years. If it's something you have been considering- don't wait any longer. See how much more amazing you can be!” -Jane R.

“Thank you so much. I fall in love with them more every time I look at them. You’re excellent at what you do, thank you again.” –Nicole C.



“As I was aging and my hormones have changed, I started to suffer some hair loss. This included my eyelashes. I was recommended to Camille by a friend who thought perhaps she could help. It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. By getting my eyelash extensions, I no longer had to put on mascara or remove it, hence my eyelashes stopped shedding at an accelerated rate. With the eyelash extensions, I don’t ever have to wear make up. That is how good they look. This was good for me because I am not one to wear a lot of make up, let alone using up my very valuable time to apply and remove it. In a world where women are engaged in their professions, home and personal lives, saving time is of the essence. Camille creates a relaxed, comfortable, private environment to do her art, and I thoroughly enjoy my time and conversation with her. It almost feels like you have had a massage, but you leave with great looking, natural eyes. It is the best therapy I have ever done for myself!! – Karen C.

“Camille does an amazing job- I love my lashes!! She is very professional and kind- makes for a great experience! And recently I started my facial peels, and I'm so pleased with the results! I highly recommend Camille, her products, and her salon!” -Sarah C.